How Much Does It Cost For Mold Remediation In Florida

In the Sunshine State, The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations gives mold remediation services their licenses. They follow the rules in Chapter 468, Part XVI of the Florida Statues and Rule 61-31 of the Florida Administrative code. Your cost of doing mold remediation in Florida may involve:

Average Cost Of Mold Remediation

So the cost of doing mold remediation in Florida involves:

  • Mold remediation in Florida typically starts at $3,000 for a small job. $10,000+ for more complex job
  • The cost depends on:
    • The size of the mold-infected area.
    • The number of rooms affected.
    • The complexity of the job.
  • Labor costs can vary based on:
    • The number of workers needed, which can be one, two, three, or more.
    • The number of hours required to complete the job.
  • Equipment costs include items such as:
    • Respirators.
    • Hazmat suits.
    • Barriers.
    • Air cleaning machines.
    • Vacuums.
    • Dehumidifiers.
    • Special cleaning chemicals.
  • The actual cost can be higher or lower depending on the specifics of the job.

Mold Remediation Based On Florida Law Standard

The department's website says that mold remediation means getting rid of mold that covers more than 10 square feet. This doesn't include mold that was grown on purpose. The work might involve cleaning, sanitizing, tearing down, or other treatments. But it doesn't have to be done by someone with a license under Chapter 489, Florida Statutes. It just has to follow the rules in that chapter.

When Hiring A Contractor

When you hire a contractor, you need to check their work. Just because they have a Florida license doesn't mean they'll do a perfect job.

Mold remediation might need one, two, three, or more people to remove things like flooring, moldings, drywall, and cabinets that have mold on them. They'll need the right supplies and equipment, like respirators, hazmat suits, barriers, air cleaning machines, vacuums, dehumidifiers, and special cleaning chemicals.

In Florida, the person who tests for mold can't be the same person who gets rid of the mold to prevent biases.

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